Tasting Notes

2021 Athene

A deeply coloured, complex and brooding wine with intense aromas of blackberry, blueberry, cassis, damson plum, fig, bacon, charcuterie, espresso, vanilla and violets. The palate is full-bodied with firm, ripe tannins, more of the blue and black f Read More

2020 Athene

A complex and intense wine combining aromas of ripe damson plum, blueberry and blackberry along with black pepper, charred meat, bacon, violet, cumin and star anise. The rich textured and elegant palate is full-bodied, balanced with ripe tannins a Read More

2019 Athene

A deep, brooding wine with intense aromas of cassis, blueberry and blackberry along with black pepper, vanilla, dark chocolate, graphite and some dried herbs and burlap. The palate is full-bodied and intense with crisp acidity and ripe firm tannin Read More

2018 Athene

A deep purple-tinged colour with an intense and ripe nose of blackberry and cassis complimented by a complex mix of shortbread, paprika, black pepper and some bacon and game meat notes with hints of leather, dried thyme and potpourri. The palate i Read More

2017 Athene

An intense wine launching with a nose of toasty oak, vanilla and dark chocolate with ripe blackberry, black cherry and damson plum fruit alongside subtle sweet clove spice, potpourri, mint, cedar, fig, dried black olive and pie crust. The full-bod Read More

2021 Cabernet Franc

An elegant, medium-bodied Cabernet Franc with fresh aromas of red currant, plum, roasted red pepper, dried flowers and thyme. The palate is medium-bodied with silky medium tannins, crisp acidity and flavours of ripe raspberry, red plum, baking spi Read More

2020 Cabernet Franc

An elegant, complex and textural Cabernet Franc. It features aromas of violets, blueberry, blackberry and black plum with notes of shortbread, lavender, coffee and dark chocolate. The medium-bodied palate is intense and fresh with silky tannins. I Read More

2019 Cabernet Franc

A complex, medium bodied Cabernet Franc nicely combining red plum, red currant and cherry with fragrant violet and dried rose petal notes with added layers of vanilla and red and black licorice. The palate is intensely flavoured with ripe tannins, Read More

2018 Cabernet Franc

A fresh, pure and vibrant Cabernet Franc showing currants, plum and blueberry with notes of dried flowers and fresh violet and complex paprika, clove, orange zest, sage and dark chocolate. The palate is dry and quite full for Cabernet Franc with l Read More

2021 Cabernet Sauvignon

A deep, powerful and concentrated Cabernet Sauvignon showing pure cassis, blackberry, dusty sage, mint, black plum, roasted red pepper and dark chocolate aromas. The intense palate is full-bodied and structured with firm tannins, crisp acidity and Read More

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

A powerful, intense, structured yet refreshing Cabernet Sauvignon built for ageing. The nose shows blackcurrant, wild sage, damson plum, cedar, black licorice and vanilla notes with dried black olives and a graphite miner Read More

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

A youthful Cabernet Sauvignon built for aging. The nose shows intense and complex notes of blackcurrant, redcurrant, black cherry, mint, burlap, paprika, fennel seed, black licorice and graphite with some lavender and violet, leather and nicely in Read More

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

A deep coloured, intense and brooding Cabernet built for the long haul. The nose shows pure blackcurrant, damson plum and blackberry with complex notes of dried sage, violet, clove, burlap and some charred meat and vanilla. Firmly structured with Read More

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

A deep ruby colour with an intense nose of cassis, blackberry, black cherry, dried sage, lavender and orange studded milk chocolate. Graphite, charred meat, potpourri and pie crust notes add complexity. The palate is dry and full bodied with firm Read More

2022 Chardonnay

A ripe, aromatic, rich and full Chardonnay. The nose shows intense ripe peach, cantaloupe melon, Asian pear, golden apple and pineapple with fresh lemon and aromatic vanilla and jasmine notes. The palate is full-bodied an Read More

2021 Chardonnay

An intense and bold Chardonnay packed with rich and ripe aromas of peach, mango, papaya and banana overlaid with complex layers of butterscotch, popcorn, caramel and vanilla. The palate is full and round with a creamy tex Read More

2020 Chardonnay

A full-bodied, rich and ripe Chardonnay with vibrant Okanagan acidity. The nose shows complex notes of almond, popcorn, banana, papaya and caramel. The creamy textured, rich palate with crisp balancing acidity adds mango, grilled pineapple, ripe p Read More

2019 Chardonnay

An aromatic Chardonnay with intense orchard aromas of white peach, nectarine, red apple and pear along with honeydew melon, honeysuckle and vanilla, popcorn and a hint of butter. The silky textured palate is full-bodied with crisp, refreshing acid Read More

2018 Chardonnay

A vibrant Chardonnay with a fresh nose of crisp green apple, peach, mango, banana and pear with some complex notes of nut, popcorn, butter and caramel. Full-bodied, rich and round textured on the palate with brisk balancing acidity and flavours of Read More

NV Coruja

Coruja (kor-OO-jia) - Burrowing Owl Estate Winery is proud to offer a fortified port-style wine. The name, Portuguese for “owl,” pays homage to the winery’s namesake and to the country of origin for this style of wine.

A soul warming Read More

2020 Malbec

A deep, brooding purple wine with intense aromas of blackberry, crunchy yet ripe raspberry, baked plum, black cherry, blueberry and lots of pepper, paprika, thyme, clove and shortbread notes. The palate is bold, fruity an Read More

2019 Malbec

Deeply coloured with an intense nose of damson plum, blueberry, violet, blackberry and black pepper with some charred meat and iron. The palate is full bodied with ripe medium tannins, crisp acidity and showing powerful a Read More

2018 Malbec

An intense nose of ripe blueberry and blackberry, with meaty, gamy notes and pepper, clove, vanilla and dried herbs. The characterful and flavourful palate is full-bodied and shows firm, ripe tannins, crisp acidity, lots of paprika and peppercorn Read More

2017 Malbec

An almost blueish tinge to the deep purple colour and an intense nose of bright, vibrant and fresh blueberry, blackberry and red currant fruit with complex layers of paprika, basil, vanilla and liqueur chocolate cherry. The palate is rustic and ch Read More

2020 Meritage

A vibrant and powerful blend showing aromas of blackcurrant, raspberry, plum, blueberry pie, ripe black cherry, vanilla, dark chocolate and orange zest with hints of dried herbs, cedar and violet. The palate is nicely bal Read More

2019 Meritage

A classic and complex Meritage blend showing black plum, blackcurrant and blueberry fruit with savoury layers of burlap, dried sage and roasted red peppers with toasty vanilla and shortbread oak notes. The structured pala Read More

2018 Meritage

A complex and intense nose of dried herbs, wild sage, red and black currant, cedar and black plum with hints of licorice that nicely combines savoury and dark fruit notes. The dry, full-bodied palate with firm, grippy tannins is built to last and Read More

2017 Meritage

An intense and complex nose of ripe dark fruit with intriguing savoury notes. Cassis, blackberry and ripe black Italian plum mix with gamy, meaty notes, cedar, graphite and some subtle dried rose petal in the background. The full-bodied palate is Read More

2021 Merlot

A textural and alluring combination of ripe mixed berries, fruitcake, black cherry and fresh raspberry with savoury notes of burlap, sage, vanilla and dried rose petals. The full-bodied palate, crisp acidity with round medium tannins shows cocoa a Read More

2020 Merlot

A deep, rich Merlot showing intense aromas of black plum, blackberry, stewed blueberries and cocoa with complex pastry crust, graphite and dried black olive notes. The palate is full bodied with ripe soft tannins, crisp acidity, lots of ripe black Read More

2019 Merlot

An intense, vibrant and fresh nose of black plum, blueberry, blackberry and black cherry with some vanilla, dark chocolate, pie crust and a perfumed yet subtle violet note. Full-bodied and smooth textured with intense flavours of mixed summer berr Read More

2018 Merlot

A bright, fresh, silky and complex Merlot with lots of black plum, baking spice, ripe raspberry, mixed brambly berries with violet and lavender floral notes, cocoa, marzipan and vanilla and some Earl Grey tea, burlap and cedar. The palate is full- Read More

2023 Pinot Gris

A crisp, fresh, lively Pinot Gris with intense aromas of pear, green melon, ruby grapefruit, camomile and orchard blossom. The palate is dry, medium-bodied with crisp, vibrant acidity and packed with citrus zest, lemon ve Read More

2022 Pinot Gris

A fresh, elegant Pinot Gris capturing the Okanagan sun with pear, honeydew melon and apple notes, along with lemon verbena, lemon sherbet and nectarine. The palate is medium-bodied with crisp, refreshing acidity and flavours of lime, melon, stone Read More

2021 Pinot Gris

A fresh, fruit driven, intense and classic Pinot Gris showing notes of pear, honeydew melon and lemon along with some complex apple blossom, lemon zest, lime leaf and subtle mango and papaya tropical notes. Dry with crisp acidity and vibrant green Read More

2020 Pinot Gris

An intense and exotic Pinot Gris with aromas of ripe pear, honeydew melon, nectarine, apple peel, chamomile and orchard blossom with lemon and ruby grapefruit citrus notes and a fresh scent of sage. Just off-dry on the intense palate with bright a Read More

2022 Pinot Noir

A ripe flavoured and silky textured Pinot Noir. The nose shows ripe black cherry, blackberry, blueberry pie, vanilla, cinnamon and clove notes with a lilac floral complexity. The medium-bodied palate is smooth textured, light in tannin, balanced b Read More

2021 Pinot Noir

A silky textured, ripe fruit flavoured Pinot Noir showing red and black cherry, berry compote, pie crust, cocoa and orange zest with some tobacco and subtle savoury gamy, meaty notes. Medium-bodied with crisp acidity and light tannin, the elegant Read More

2020 Pinot Noir

A bright, vibrant Pinot Noir with a silky texture and intense fresh berry fruits. The nose shows black cherry, clove, burlap, orange zest, baking spices, licorice, vanilla and some exotic floral notes. The medium-bodied p Read More

2019 Pinot Noir

A riper style Pinot Noir with an intense nose showing black cherry and dried plum along with paprika, earth, coffee and vanilla along with some complex potpourri and gamy, meaty notes. The medium-bodied palate is balanced Read More

2018 Pinot Noir

A bright and fresh, medium-bodied Pinot Noir. The nose shows fresh and lively raspberry, cherry and strawberry with layers of custard, potpourri, clove and orange zest with a subtle graphite minerality. The palate is silky textured with light tann Read More

2022 Rosé

A delicate, pale pink in colour, the 2022 Rosé shows floral and fruity aromas of violet, strawberry, watermelon, pear, raspberry and grapefruit with some honey, pepper and lemon zest notes adding complexity. Just off-dry Read More

2021 Rosé

Pale pink in colour with a vibrant, fruity nose showing strawberry, raspberry, rosehip, dried flowers, watermelon and ruby grapefruit zest. Just off-dry on the palate with lively acidity and complex notes of violet, blackberry, Asian pear, melon, Read More

2022 Sauvignon Blanc

A textured and powerful Sauvignon Blanc showing intense lemon, lime, green pear, hints of passionfruit and gooseberry and some vibrant lemon verbena herbal notes. The palate is dry, crisp and racy, balanced with a silky vanilla and cream note with Read More

2021 Sauvignon Blanc

An intense, powerful Sauvignon Blanc with complex layers of zesty fruit and silky oak. The nose shows ripe tropical passionfruit and gooseberry along with peach, dusty vanillin oak, caramel, custard, toasted hazelnuts and lemon, lime leaves and le Read More

2021 Syrah

A dense, deep purple colour, this intense and complex Syrah is full of ripe damson plum, dried blueberries, blackberry, custard, toasty oak, espresso and lots of pepper, charred meat and bacon notes. The palate is full-bodied with a rich texture, Read More

2020 Syrah

A complex, intense and brooding Syrah full of baked blackberries, black plum and ripe blueberry fruit with intriguing notes of pie crust, shortbread, bacon, charred meat, sage, game and iodine notes. The palate is full bodied and rich with ripe ta Read More

2019 Syrah

An intense and complex Syrah showing ripe damson plum, blackberry and blueberry along with toasty vanillin oak, chocolate coated liqueur cherries and some savoury charred meat, bacon, black pepper and licorice alongside a subtle incense note. The Read More

2018 Syrah

A deep, brooding Syrah with an intense nose of blackberry, black cherry and black plum fruit along with some pastry crust, vanilla and clove and complex notes of burlap, leather, espresso, violet, graphite, black sage and bacon. Dry, full-bodied a Read More

2022 Viognier

An intensely floral and aromatic Viognier with powerful aromas of honeysuckle and jasmine, poached pear, apricot and fresh lemon zest notes. The palate is dry, full-bodied, round and soft with medium acidity, a rich texture and flavours of Turkish Read More

2021 Viognier

An intense and classically aromatic Viognier showing lots of orchard blossom, honeysuckle, jasmine, white peach and apricot with some pineapple, baked pear and orange sherbet notes. The palate is full and rich, soft textu Read More

2020 Viognier

An aromatic, intense and lush Viognier showing floral jasmine and honeysuckle along with ripe apricot, peach, mango, papaya, ripe honeydew melon and vanilla custard with some toasted nuts, caramel and a hint of baking spice. Full bodied and silky Read More

2019 Viognier

Classic aromatic scents of jasmine and honeysuckle lead to rich peach, mango, pineapple and cantaloupe melon with some fresh basil notes. The palate is dry and full-bodied yet shows textbook BC restraint and crispness of acidity, the papaya and ne Read More