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We are proud supporters of many local growers who farm organically and are dedicated to sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices. We also recognize the responsibility that we have to purchase Oceanwise® products, allowing us to contribute to a long term solution for a sustainable seafood system.

In order to achieve our goal of providing a one of a kind dining experience, we actively seek the highest quality ingredients and provide suggestions on the award winning Burrowing Owl wines to complement your menu selections.


Everything Green Organics is a small producer located in Kelowna.  A long-time friend of our Executive Chef, this farm also only grows product for our restaurant. We receive micro greens, baby patti pan squash, radishes, melons, peas, swiss chard, and 8 different types of edible flowers.

2 Rivers Specialty Meats is our supplier of meats, poultry, and wild game. The proprietors believe that all people should know where their food is coming from and that it was produced naturally, ethically and farmed sustainably. We pride ourselves on purchasing these local meat products as we know they are free of antibiotic, hormone and chemical feed additives. Our team benefits from utilizing these products of the highest quality, combining fresh, rich, natural flavour with the benefit of better health.

Covert Farm Organics is located just outside of the town of Oliver. A winery making some of the valley’s best wines, they also supply us with some great produce like corn, cherries, beets and grapes. Please feel free to drive up to the farm and see for yourself.

Scott Moran, Professional Forager. Scott is a well-educated forager based in Kelowna who spends his time exploring the outdoors of British Columbia looking for the most unusual mushrooms and wild edibles for restaurants and farmer’s markets.


Fester’s Peppers, Harker’s Farm Organics/ Rustic Roots Winery, Little Qualicum Cheese, Codfather’s Seafood Market

Dinner Shuttle Transportation

From April 1st to October 31st, OK Wine Shuttle offers an evening dinner shuttle that starts picking up daily at 6:30 pm at the resorts and hotels in Osoyoos. The return cost is $25 per person (includes GST) and a reservation is required. Call 250-495-3278 to book a pick up. Go to for more information. 

During the low season, you can call Osoyoos taxi (250) 495-7004 or Oliver taxi (250) 498-0022.