The Vineyards at Burrowing Owls Estate Winery

Many of the world’s finest wine grapes come from the sunny, dry hills of mid-northern latitudes (42º – 50º): the great vineyards of France, Germany, Northern Italy, Spain, Washington and Oregon.

So it’s no surprise that wine experts are turning their attention to BC’s Okanagan Valley, which is in the same latitude and now the Okanagan is producing truly outstanding wines.
Burrowing Owl’s vineyards are located in prime position on the eastern side of the Okanagan Valley between Osoyoos and Oliver, BC. Grapes from these vineyards have already attracted international acclaim.

“Extensive planting of European grapes
began some 10 years ago and now 
the Okanagan is producing truly outstanding wines.”

First Vintage in 1997
Burrowing Owl Estate Winery produced its first vintage in 1997, concentrating on four grape varieties from the 16 varieties grown at Burrowing Owl Vineyards – Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for red wines; Chardonnay and Pinot Gris for white. Cabernet Franc was added in 1998, Pinot Noir in 1999 and Syrah in 2000. The winery currently produces about 45,000 cases of wine.

Location and premium grape varieties are two of the vineyards’ greatest assets. Burrowing Owl Estate Winery has been awarded numerous awards for all Burrowing Owl wines produced.

Vineyards in Oliver, Osoyoos and Keremeos
The winery owns and manages all of the vineyard land growing grapes for the Burrowing Owl wines. The land base consists of 210 acres of producing vineyards distributed between three different locations: Black Sage (the  original 145 acre site) which contains an equal amount of red and white grapes, Osoyoos (54 acres on the eastern slopes above Osoyoos Lake, home to Bordeaux varietals and Syrah reds) and Keremeos (11 acres of Sauvignon Blanc in the Similkameen Valley). In total 16 varietals are grown and tended by a qualified and dedicated vineyard team.

Still, it takes special skills to turn these assets into fine wines. Our vineyard managers contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unsurpassed in the valley. Their dedicated team takes special pride in the success of these vineyards. And of course, they work closely with the winemaking team at Burrowing Owl to co-ordinate crop levels, ripeness targets, and the many other parameters necessary to produce only the finest quality wine.

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